Our Approach

No two businesses succeed in exactly the same way. This is the guiding principle for The Lentile Group and why all projects—large and small, one-time and recurring—begin with an extensive diagnostic of what makes a business unique. From there, we create strategic KPIs for establishing scalable growth and long-term sustainability for any brand, in any industry. The Lentile Group does away with traditional “marketing” in favor of creating wholly-integrated brands that reflect impressive design and distinctly feel alive.

About the Founder

Katie Lentile founded The Lentile Group upon realizing that there is no “one size fits all” approach to growing a business. After spending a decade working both domestically and abroad in a range of sectors, including non-profit work, politics, fashion, even shipping and logistics, she’s learned first-hand that successful projects aren’t always linearly defined, but involve a complex dynamic of efficiency, integrity, and quality design.

Katie has successfully launched campaigns and created strategies for over 50 companies, including Google, Vanderbilt University, and Kenneth Cole. Having built her business through private referral — a barometer of the trust, professionalism, and knowledge that she provides her clients — Katie has created a team in The Lentile Group that’s able to evolve and specialize in an ever-changing industry. View Katie’s LinkedIn Profile